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Introducing SousZen

See how Xinova partners with PepsiCo and Innit to launch the new Seattle restaurant tech startup, SousZen, that aims to digitize ‘back of house’.

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XinCity Happy Hour

The XinCity global happy hours kicked off on April 20th in Hong Kong, April 26th in Helsinki and May 7th in Tel Aviv. These innovator engagement events get local Xinova innovators together in the same room with globetrotting Xinovians to share ideas and feedback. Taking full advantage our team’s travel schedules, we are reaching out to our innovation network in-person whenever possible. The XinCity initiative encompasses large event-style XinCity efforts to smaller informal meet-ups with many more to come.

XinCity Hong Kong

While travelling to attend the D.Live Asia Conference in April, a cohort of Xinovians, invited local Hong Kong innovators to drinks. Small and informal, it allowed the opportunity for the inventors to discuss the new “Matching People to Task” RFI that had just been released with our Xinova team –  Paul Levin’s, Chief Strategy Officer, Travis Murdock, VP of Marketing, Yan Sheng, SVP and Head of China, and Tao Feng, Vice President.

XinCity Helsinki

XinCity Helsinki

XinCity Helsinki

In Helsinki, Alyssa Moore and Eliot Baker introduced Chris Somogyi, Senior VP of New Ventures, David Kraft, Global Head of Innovation Services and Ron Seligmann, an expert on global agriculture, based in Israel. Following introductions, David, talked about goals for Xinova in 2018 and explained the Xinova mission of sharing risk and upside with partners and innovators to turn big problems into bigger solutions.

They, along with Joe Koepnik and Annette Kleiser, were in town meeting with our new partners at Helsinki Innovation Services, the research commercialization arm of University of Helsinki (UH). Ron and David gave presentations related to ag-tech and the future of global agriculture the previous day for UH faculty at their “Ag-Stravaganza” event.  

During the XinCity event, our 14 innovators in attendance had that chance to share ideas and feedback, meet with our traveling Xinovaians, and network with each other while enjoying some traditional Finnish food and drinks.

A big thank you for your effort. The meeting was filled with knowledgeable people and as said, relaxed feeling. I was more than happy and honored to participate.

– Antti Virtanen, XinCity Helsinki 

XinCity Tel Aviv

XinCity Tel Aviv

XinCity Tel Aviv

In Tel Aviv, Brad Roberts, Sr. VP of Growth and Scale, led an extensive session of talks on invention presented by members of the well-established Israeli inventor community. Xinova Senior User Analyst, Andy McLain, was in attendance as well, flying out from Seattle to conduct a series of interviews to help guide the direction of the new platform we are building to support the innovation network.

The Xincity Tel Aviv took place at a We Work facility at the heart of the city.  With 38 innovators in attendance, it was by far the largest and most in-depth gathering of inventors we’ve had so far! Following some food and drinks Brad kicked things off by introducing the concept of Xinova 2.0 and presented the plans for the new Xinova platform outlining the desire to enable a more direct line between inventors and customers. A few inventors in attendance were invited to share presentations related to work they have done in innovation and the insights gained. The event concluded with our local host and inventor, Moti Margalit providing a presentation on how to effectively turn an inventive idea into a feasible solution. The event went well past the planned ending time, generating a lot of enthusiasm. 

I LOVED the event. I think it is a great way to pump energy and fun in the community and create new connections and collaborations.

– Noam Hadas, XinCity Tel Aviv

Thank you

Thank you to all who attended these events. We hope everyone enjoyed sharing ideas, stories, and drinks as much as we did. The conversations were inspiring, the presentations were illuminating, and we appreciated all the feedback on what we’re doing well and how we can support your innovative pursuits even better going forward.

To Xinova innovators around the world: be on the lookout for a XinCity Happy Hour coming to a city near you!

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