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Why Xinova?

Posted in: Inventor Community

The Xinova innovator network is populated by folks from all sorts of places, expertise, and interests. And yet every innovator has one thing in common: they love problems. Why? 

Problems are opportunities. They are peaks to be climbed, waves to be surfed, marble to be chiseled. The most beautiful kinds of problems are those that demand the solution be two things at once. How do you make something smaller but stronger? Healthier and tastier? Simpler and smarter? There is inventive gold in those types of problems, and innovators have the courage and creativity to mine for gold across multiple disciplines. 

Sometimes they find it. The idea may come in a linear process of discovery, or in a dream-like burst of inspiration. Perhaps it was an old idea that finally found its home in a shiny new problem. Or maybe the solution required an epic journey of face-planting into walls after deep-diving into fields beyond her expertise. Whatever the case, problems surround us and the quest for solutions drives an innovator forward.  

But then what? What’s the purpose of solving problems if no one will implement the solution? 

There’s the essential problem with innovation. Innovators have a wealth of expertise and knowledge, and an extraordinary ability to solve problems across domains. From the outside, it can resemble magic. But commercializing that invention requires lots of time and very real cash–and an ocean of business expertise. And that’s just for an entrepreneur. 

Most innovation today is cultivated within the fences of large organizations’ research and development departments. That leaves thousands of highly talented innovators on the outside looking in with their valuable ideas. How does an innovator launch her idea in such an environment? How does she get the credit she deserves?  

And meanwhile, how can a player in the innovation market find the signal of good ideas through the noise of the bad ones, and take the sizable risk of developing a bold invention?  

Xinova is engineering the solution to this excellent problem: the world’s first innovation market network. We match the expertise and ideas of our elite innovator network via digital platform with a market hungry for solutions to endless problems. It comes down to sharing risk and upside. 

Imagine selecting enticing problems from a menu of problems, for whose solutions companies are ready to pay. Now imagine sharing in the upside of an invention with a licensing deal. Nice, eh? Innovators have the ideas. The companies have the development resources. And Xinova has innovation platform and expertise to match the two. Win-win-win. 

Ideas are your thing. You do you. Let us and our partners do the rest.  


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