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Introducing SousZen

See how Xinova partners with PepsiCo and Innit to launch the new Seattle restaurant tech startup, SousZen, that aims to digitize ‘back of house’.

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Masanobu Katoh

President of Xinova Japan

Business Bio   LinkedIn Profile 

Ever since I was an elementary school student, I loved science and machinery. My first piece of machinery was a crystal radio set, but I quickly advanced to a vacuum tube stereo amplifier and became an amateur radio operator. As a high school student, I began to play with computer hardware, and built my own logic circuit. While I was in high school, I initially thought I would become a scientist, but among my classmates were people who were extremely talented mathematicians and physicists, so I realized I needed to take a different path. So at university in Japan, I majored in law, and went to a law school in the U.S., but I continued to tinker with electronics. While attending law classes during the day, I was attending night school to learn about computer software programs like ASSEMBLER, COBOL, and FORTRAN.  The 1970s was a time when the IBM 360 system was a popular mainframe computer, so studying software at that time was extremely unusual.

I spent much of my career at a large international Japanese company that specialized in computers and networking, and I ended up spending 17 years living in the U.S. Since the 1990s, I spent much of my career focused on the growth of the internet, and the digital economy as a whole. But something like the digital economy isn’t really an effort that can be self-sustaining , so I  went into security, privacy, intellectual property, and many other policy issues and ended up writing books and papers as well as drafting several bills that became laws. At this time, I was also the first member of the board representing Asia-Pacific for ICANN(Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). Through these activities, I was fortunate to work with many of the founders of what have now become globally leading IT companies.   
Currently at Xinova, I help give birth to new technologies and find the best possible homes for these breakthroughs that I hope will make an impact on society. Even after all these years, I still have that same childhood curiosity about cutting edge technology, but I always seem to get pulled in to meeting and trying to analyze inventions and encourage new ideas from our network. Although I am not an engineer myself, I see myself as an originator of new innovations.”

Our Team

Jorma Ollila

Executive Chairman

Patrick Ennis

Chief Technology Officer

Yong Sung Kim

Chairman APAC

Jason Huemer

Chief Operating Officer

Ted Leung

Vice President of Engineering

Raine Hermans

Managing Director, Innovation Programs

Sridhar Divakaruni

Vice President of Business Development

Ernst Stottinger

Partner | Innovation Programs

Rob Dhat

Vice President of Innovation Partnerships

Al DeNooyer

Innovation Business Development Representative

Matt Ferguson, PhD

Vice President of Innovation Services

Kevin Williams

Vice President | Innovation Services Group

Nick Milanovich

Director | Innovation Services Group

Hsiu-Wu (Jason) Guo

Innovation & Commercialization Development Director

Brett Hertzberg

Legal Consultant

Mark Klopp

Business Development Consultant

Masanobu Katoh

President of Xinova Japan

Madeline Song

Managing Director

Kaori Iguchi

Office Manager

Paul Levins


Ernst Stottinger

Partner | Innovation Programs

Mai Huong Tran


Dan Dongil Kim

Executive Vice President of Finance

Imran Sajjad

Staff Accountant

Stephen King

Entrepreneur in Residence

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