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Introducing SousZen

See how Xinova partners with PepsiCo and Innit to launch the new Seattle restaurant tech startup, SousZen, that aims to digitize ‘back of house’.

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Edward Jung

Founder & CEO

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Technology shapes the human experience, and too often not for the better. Rather than settling for an avalanche of gadgets, apps, and autonomous gizmos, we need to think about, talk about, and (eventually) come to some kind of agreement on what might constitute a better” human life in the digital age.
I envision a world of innovators who shape technology for the good of society. Innovators, after all, are not just scientists and technologists; we are artists, policy makers, investors, businesspeople, students, educators: any human who participates in identifying problems and inventing solutions that better the world. What I foresee is a system enabling more people to self-identify as innovators, culminating in a participatory technocracy: a society that will ensure the clearest path for innovators to resist the degradation of humanity by war, disease, poverty, injustice, pestilence, pollution, tyranny, and the harmful use of technology.
Innovation is the door to the future, and inventors hold its key. Hope, optimism, open mindedness, cooperation, and risk taking are fundamental to innovators. They are principles to be cherished and supported. It is deeply gratifying to build a community at Xinova where such inventors are empowered and rewarded to create and play. Technology can work for the betterment of humankind, as it has for much of history. But to realize that aim, more people need to understand and engage with the process of innovation.
As CEO of Xinova, I visit innovators, companies, and governments around the world, connecting problems to solutions. In 2005 I founded the predecessor to Xinova and co-managed it from 2008.
I have been inventing since I was a teenager, and currently hold over a thousand patents worldwide across healthcare, computing, networking, energy, and material sciences. As an entrepreneur, I have founded or co-founded over a dozen companies, including Terrapower, Kymeta, Vigilance, and Benemilk. I advise several others.

Our Team

Edward Jung

Founder & CEO

Jorma Ollila

Executive Chairman

Patrick Ennis

Chief Technology Officer

Yong Sung Kim

Chairman APAC

Jason Huemer

Chief Operating Officer

David Kraft

Head of Innovation Services

Ted Leung

Vice President of Engineering

Raine Hermans

Managing Director, Innovation Programs

Sridhar Divakaruni

Vice President of Business Development

Ernst Stottinger

Partner | Innovation Programs

Rob Dhat

Vice President of Innovation Partnerships

Al DeNooyer

Innovation Business Development Representative

Alyssa Moore

Director of Marketing & Communications

Matt Ferguson, PhD

Vice President of Innovation Services

Kevin Williams

Vice President | Innovation Services Group

Nick Milanovich

Director | Innovation Services Group

Hsiu-Wu (Jason) Guo

Innovation & Commercialization Development Director

Brett Hertzberg

Legal Consultant

Mark Klopp

Business Development Consultant

Masanobu Katoh

President of Xinova Japan

Madeline Song

Managing Director

Kaori Iguchi

Office Manager

Paul Levins


Ernst Stottinger

Partner | Innovation Programs

Mai Huong Tran


Dan Dongil Kim

Executive Vice President of Finance

Imran Sajjad

Staff Accountant

Stephen King

Entrepreneur in Residence

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