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Introducing SousZen

See how Xinova partners with PepsiCo and Innit to launch the new Seattle restaurant tech startup, SousZen, that aims to digitize ‘back of house’.

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David Kraft

Head of Innovation Services

Business Bio  LinkedIn Profile

I was once asked, what do you want to do for a living.” Perhaps they were expecting to hear a more defined career, such as engineer or teacher, but my only response was, solve problems.” At the time, solving problems was not precisely a job someone studied for, but it did focus my attention to ask questions and challenge the status quo in all subjects that I applied myself to.  

With a slightly ambiguous career direction, I began to tackle challenges found in distance learning education, socio-economic barriers to internet access and improving software for online learning (all pre-YouTube!) at The Evergreen State College.  There I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree and later applied these solutions with the Digital Bridge Technology Academy.
As part of the dotcom boom (and bust), I journeyed through a few non-starters as a developer and later as a project manager, working on problems in advertising and media.  Finding a unique opportunity in banking (Washington Mutual/JPMorgan Chase), I began working on a broader set of legal and risk challenges that required a blending of technology, program management and business strategy to solve.
After 20 years’ experience solving challenges across many industry sectors, within start-ups and Fortune 500 firms, I’ve gained a great appreciation for the complexity of innovation, the desire for simple solutions, and the mythology of quick fixes. Along the journey, I picked up an MBA, Project Management certification and training in six sigma, lean start-up and design thinking.

As the Head of Xinova’s Innovation Services Group, I have the great privilege of working with teams of brilliant people, dedicated to tackling some of the world’s most difficult challenges.  Together, we partner with clients, innovators, developers, entrepreneurs and others to solve problems through innovation and collaboration.  Turns out there is a career for problem solvers!


Our Team

Edward Jung

Founder & CEO

Jorma Ollila

Executive Chairman

Patrick Ennis

Chief Technology Officer

Yong Sung Kim

Chairman APAC

Jason Huemer

Chief Operating Officer

David Kraft

Head of Innovation Services

Ted Leung

Vice President of Engineering

Raine Hermans

Managing Director, Innovation Programs

Sridhar Divakaruni

Vice President of Business Development

Ernst Stottinger

Partner | Innovation Programs

Rob Dhat

Vice President of Innovation Partnerships

Al DeNooyer

Innovation Business Development Representative

Alyssa Moore

Director of Marketing & Communications

Matt Ferguson, PhD

Vice President of Innovation Services

Kevin Williams

Vice President | Innovation Services Group

Nick Milanovich

Director | Innovation Services Group

Hsiu-Wu (Jason) Guo

Innovation & Commercialization Development Director

Brett Hertzberg

Legal Consultant

Mark Klopp

Business Development Consultant

Masanobu Katoh

President of Xinova Japan

Madeline Song

Managing Director

Kaori Iguchi

Office Manager

Paul Levins


Ernst Stottinger

Partner | Innovation Programs

Mai Huong Tran


Dan Dongil Kim

Executive Vice President of Finance

Imran Sajjad

Staff Accountant

Stephen King

Entrepreneur in Residence

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