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Daniel Edenhofer

Software Engineer

As any Software Engineer can attest to, we all enjoy building new things. Looking for new challenges, new puzzles, new problems to solve is what drives most into this line of work. I, especially, fit this mold and always have. Whether it was building a go-kart with parts scavenged from old lawnmowers or endlessly creating and destroying and re-creating Lego set after Lego set as a child, to being a part of one of the largest R&D teams and co-creating a software-focused “Skunk Works” organization within one of the largest government contractors in the US, I have always been partial to problem solving.

While working at said contractor, the most fun I ever had was working on R&D. We spent long hours building and testing working software prototypes in emerging technologies and pitching them to actual solider end users along with VPs and even the CTO. When most R&D was scrapped, myself and several others from our R&D team started working on an employee run group whose aim was to solve the issue many contracts had of staffing engineers with high end knowledge, especially on emerging technologies. We created a network of engineers that contracts could pull from when their skill sets were needed. We ourselves got to work on new and exciting things while helping these contracts complete their workload.

This is what drew me to Xinova so strongly. I love to solve new and interesting challenges and I have seen the impact a network like this can have when made available to others to get their problems solved. This company resonates with me and I am beyond happy to be a part of it and to be actively taking it to the next level.

Our Team

Doug Loy, Ph.D.

Vice President | Innovation Services Group

Scott Needham

Country Head of Australia and New Zealand

Jacob Harvey

Accounting Manager

Andre Lee

President | Innovation Development & Banking

Harvey Hung

Project Coordinator

Yongsung Kim

Chairman Korea & SEA

Evelyn Miles

Office Manager

Paul Payne

Architect | Network Platform

Ramakrishnan Vaidyanathan

Director | Innovation Banking and Development

Brad Roberts Ph.D.

Global Head of Network Platform

Travis Murdock

Vice President of Marketing

Olivia Armstrong

Project Manager

Stacey Ravetta

General Counsel

Raine Hermans

Managing Director, Innovation Banking and Development

Jake Fagan

Senior Product Designer

Yan Sheng

Senior Vice President, Head of China

Arra Ardona

Sr. Product Manager

Jimin “Eva” Kim

Office Administrator

Matthew Holloway

Vice President of Products

Amy Greime

Vice President | Finance & Accounting

Christopher Ruehs

Software Engineer

Joshua Montgomery

Software Engineer

Adam Holiber

Managing Director, Innovation Banking and Development

Seth Miller

Managing Director, Innovation Banking and Development

Jake Cannon

Senior Technical Support Engineer

Patrick Ennis

Chief Technology Officer

Madeline Song

Managing Director

Kaori Iguchi

Office Manager

Jordan Bundy

Software Engineer

Grace Fox

HR Generalist

Cate Yochum

Software Engineer

Dan Dongil Kim

Executive Vice President of Finance

Glenn Edens

Partner, Innovation Banking and Development

Soleil Brisbane

Employer Branding Specialist

David Kraft

Global Head of Innovation Services

Todd Kenck

Chief Financial Officer

Yang-Won Jung

Senior Director | Innovation Services Group

Kayo Ikegami

Operations Analyst

John Kim

IT Manager

Shiloh Stuart

Software Engineer

Dana Lindquist

Data Scientist

Andrew McLain

Product Manager

Vivek Ramakrishnan

Managing Director

Kevin Crommelin

Product Manager

Wyatt Antoine

Information Technology Intern

Vlad Dabija

Technical Fellow

Ernst Stöttinger

Partner | Innovation Banking and Development

Brian Yen


Grace Kang

Accounts Payable Specialist

Molly Kent

Software Engineer

Stephen King

Entrepreneur in Residence

BK Lee

President Korea

Graeme Weston

Vice Chairman and Managing Partner, Commercialization and Entrepreneurship

Jon Gleasman

Senior Product Designer

Maggie Ng

Vice President

Ken Poppe

Managing Director | Innovation Development and Banking

Andy Tolton

Public Relations and Marketing Manager

Brett Hertzberg

Legal Consultant

Imran Sajjad

Staff Accountant

Ken Tallo

Partner | Innovation Banking and Development

Emma DeMaris

Marketing Intern

Chal Davidson

Director, Innovation Banking and Development

Ryan Canfield

Software Engineer

Chris Petersen

Software Engineer

Mark Klopp

Business Development Consultant

Gerald Toh

APAC IT Manager

Madan Prabhu

Director | Innovation Services Group

Shivani G. Ludwig, Ph.D

Innovation Development Manager

Ted Leung

Vice President of Engineering

Rahul Das

Vice President

Matt Ferguson, PhD

Vice President of Network & Technology

Darrel Rhea

Managing Partner | Innovation Banking and Development

Cassandra Schwartz

Product Marketing Manager

Daniel Edenhofer

Software Engineer

Rafidah Binte Md Aidi

Project Coordinator

Eliot Baker

Programs and Content Manager

Michelle Axelrod

Office Manager

Duncan Mowatt

Senior Product Designer

Mai Huong Tran


Sally Flaxman

Contract Manager

Masanobu Katoh

President | Xinova Japan

Rapha Goyran

Software Engineer

Isaac Pek

Innovation Development Manager

Chip Murray

Partner, Innovation Banking and Development

Nick Milanovich

Director | Innovation Services Group

Hsiu-Wu (Jason) Guo

Innovation Development Manager

Chris Buntel

Vice President | Singapore

Alyssa Moore, MBA

Senior Marketing Manager

Jussi Westergren

Senior Advisor

Kelly Romano

Managing Partner | Innovation Banking and Development

Jorma Ollila

Executive Chairman

Nadia Savin

Senior Analyst

Laura Vowles

Executive Assistant

Liron Porat

Innovation Program Director

Anton Orlich

Partner, Innovation Banking and Development

Leesa Murphy

Payroll & Benefits Analyst

Clariz Adelle Mariano

Software Engineer

Connor Timmerman

Senior Analyst | Network Platform

Edward Jung

Founder & CEO

Kevin Williams

Vice President | Innovation Services Group

Wolfgang Meyers

Software Engineer

Maynard Kang

Managing Director, Innovation Banking and Development

Emmanuel Gomez

Principal Engineer

Ken Pawlak

Managing Director

Yi Lan Chen

Research Coordinator

Sharat Reddy

Chief of Staff to Founder & CEO

Jose Chacon

Finance Manager

Dan Cook

Vice President, Growth & Scale Group

Nicole Underwood

HR Director

Sara Telfer

Senior Product Designer

Matthew Ritchie

Senior Product Designer

Naoki Bessho

Innovation Development Manager

Mark Buchthal

Software Engineer

Christian Czernich

Innovation Banking and Development

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The tools and tactics that drive transformative solutions.


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