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  • Clean StartA big-name brand is seeking four innovators to collaborate with their Innovation Team to identify new approaches to distributing products directly to their customers.
  • Golden Innovation MetricReady to write a smart and engaging article about R&D leadership’s glaring need for innovation metrics?
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R&D Consulting

  • 5400 Commercial
    Assets Delivered
  • 18000 Solutions
  • $260 Million in Startups

Xinova helps businesses develop next-generation R&D solutions. As R&D Consultants, we know that R&D is a never-ending challenge. As R&D partners, we can help your business capitalize on the next technological shift in your industry. You need the right R&D partnership to turn industry disruption into industry opportunity.

Our business is
growing your business.

As your co-investment partner, we understand R&D consulting. Xinova focuses on creating new products and technologies designed to fill a market need – or create one.

We are fully aligned with your business, sharing ownership and upside on each innovation project. That means we succeed only when you succeed, ensuring you achieve the best results by paying for progress, not promises.

Who we are

Led by Edward Jung, one of history’s top-12 inventors, Xinova has the most diverse and accomplished innovation team in the world. Our executive team of thought leaders, problem solvers, and innovators includes the inventor of the laptop computer and the architect of the mobile phone revolution, amongst many other historic accomplishments along the way to earning positions such as CEO, EVP, or Managing Director with multinationals like Shell, Nokia, Xerox, Microsoft, United Technologies, Dupont, Intel, and HP. Combined, they have raised and managed billions in invested capital. Xinova team members boast impeccable credentials, and are highly sought after for their  R&D consulting in disciplines such as science, entrepreneurship, invention, product development, concept development, intellectual property, and startups. More than 20 Xinova employees hold doctorate degrees, providing expertise in nuclear physics, materials science, biomedical engineering, computer science, biophysical chemistry, theoretical physics, and AI. This R&D consulting team has led over 300 licensing deals, managed over $9 billion in licensing transactions, managed 8 of the top 30 inventors in the world defined over 400 distinct problems, and given companies like Pepsi access to thousands of solutions which we have selected and developed into prototypes and product ready propositions.

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Aligning the
4 pillars of innovation



By leveraging a unique combination of talent, technology, capital, and demand, Xinova identifies industry disruption points and defines strategic problems.

R&D Consulting, R&D

1. Talent.

Engage 12,000 innovators through the Xinova network, find and enroll collaborative partners

R&D Consulting, R&D

2. Technology

Invent, license, secure new technical solutions or identify new applications

R&D Consulting, R&D

3. Capital

Invest or raise
necessary capital

R&D Consulting, R&D

4. Demand

Acquire, create and/or
operate a company

From disruption design to bringing new solutions to market,
Xinova unites expertise across the Four Pillars of Innovation.

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Over 4 years, Xinova has defined more than 40 problems with Pepsico and sourced over 1200 new solutions, with 50 of the most promising being reduced to practice, leading to Pepsico licensing the best of these for further development. Xinova is unrivalled in their ability to conceptualise non-obvious solutions because they have created a diversified network of innovators and problem solvers.

– Rene Lammers, Senior VP Global Category
Research & Development​ at PepsiCo

Xinova is defining the new standard for innovation by enabling us to anticipate and capitalize on today’s market opportunities. Through its world-class network, it enables unparalleled speed to market and proprietary inventions as a unique competitive advantage across the globe!

Eugenio Minvielle, Founder & President, Innit International​ –
Former CEO, Unilever North America, Nestle France, Mexico and Venzuela

Through this strategic alliance with Xinova, we expended and fortified our technology base. We have collaborated on several innovation and development projects ranging from laser treatments to emerging areas in AI. Our first collaboration brought my engineers together with two teams of global innovators, exploring many potential solutions together, ultimately selecting 18 technologies for development and patenting. We benefited from new approaches to problem solving and solution engineering of our technology. The value we created encouraged Xinova to be a part investor in our ventures. I recommend working with Xinova.

Haelyung Hwang, CEO, Lutronic

Are you ready to take your innovation to the next level?

Market Network

Xinova created the world’s first and only platform-enabled market network to match and balance the critical innovation resources your company needs, from finding the top talent to sourcing the right technologies to co-investing capital in your innovation projects.

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Innovation Banking

Innovation Banking propels growth via a comprehensive suite of investment, technology co-development, and strategic advisory services in a true partnership. As a trusted partner to executives, we collaborate on strategic projects and programs that are disruptive by design.

Our team consists of the world’s most distinguished thought leaders with deep experience solving business problems, as well as a global network of over 12,000 elite innovators. We bring expertise in all areas of technology innovation, finance, product and venture development, M&A guidance, and more. Individually and as a team, we are skilled at driving business growth across the full innovation lifecycle.

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Our Latest Case Studies

SousZen R&D: Digitizing the kitchen

The world’s first network of connected kitchens will create new growth opportunities for restaurant chains and entrepreneurs seeking an edge on predicting food trends.

CollinsWoerman R&D: Global Commercialization

Global commercialization via joint venture of an innovative and sustainable modular approach to constructing urban high-rise dwellings.

Raisio Benemilk R&D: Global Expansion

Finnish cattle-feed innovator seeks greener global pastures.

AkzoNobel R&D: New Solutions to Old Problems

Global leader in paint and coatings taps the Xinova global innovator network for new solutions to old challenges

Coffee Cherry Co. R&D: Process Transformation

Transformative process provides nutritional, economic, and environmental benefits worldwide.

PepsiCo R&D: Open Innovation

Multinational food and beverage company turns to Xinova for innovative solutions to their most challenging R&D pursuits.

Lutronic R&D: Developing & Commercializing New Products

JV enables development and commercialization of new products in global markets

MLA R&D: Creating New Technology

Partnership produces groundbreaking results on behalf of Meat and Livestock Australia, a forward-thinking advocate for safe, efficient and humane meat production.

Eden Research R&D: A Novel Perspective

Co-innovation and expansion of breakthrough technology for a natural pesticide and anti-microbial

EMRO R&D: Sourcing AI Talent & Technology

The EMRO case study highlights the ability of Xinova to fill partners’ expertise gaps with top global talent via the innovator network.

Robotic VISION Technologies R&D: Matching Demand

Matching machine-vision systems technology with global demand.

Global non-profit funds innovative solution

Global philanthropic foundation funds an innovation brainstorming session to find truly innovative solutions that improve the timeliness, quality and visibility of data for the malaria supply chain in Northern Nigeria.

Connect with Xinova

We are always seeking new problems to solve, as well as innovators and entrepreneurs to help us solve them. Let’s work together to create the future.

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Xinova Innovation (Beijing) Consultancy Co. Ltd.
Room 2494, Level 24, Tower 3
China Central Place
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Xinova Asia Pte Ltd.
331 North Bridge Road
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Xinova Korea
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223 Liverpool St
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Survey No 414
PSR Complex
Govinda Reddy (GR) Layout
Bannerghatta Road
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