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plant-based food

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Among the many cheese trends we’re watching, plant-based cheese is exploding with new brands, new base ingredients and applications. Consumers want plant-based substitutes, without noticeable differences in texture or creamy mouth feel.
The market is ready!

Global dairy-alternative market*

21.4 Billion 

Global dairy-alternative growth*

11.4% CAGR

Increase in dairy-alternative  market by 2025*

$ 36.7 Billion

Are you an expert in plant-based food?
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Say, “Cheese”!

Get paid to innovate! We are taking applications to participate in a paid virtual rapid innovation session, on plant-based cheese, with one of our clients.

The Challenge

The challenge with cheese is that plant-based structures have unique properties, proteins, and enzymes. From slices, to cubes, to cheese platters, and to pizza toppings, the areas of innovation and application development are nearly endless.

Sorry to spread this on so thick, but we’re looking for innovators that can bring their A-game to this challenge. In fact, we have multiple challenges our clients are seeking to solve….

  • a range of melting properties, from gooey and stringy like mozzarella, to gently softening like cheddar
  • delicious umami flavor that mimics the real thing, ranging from sharp to milky smooth
  • the right appearance, for shredded and block cheeses
    stretch in texture for softer cheeses
  • smooth incorporation of fat throughout, with no separation when cooked or melted

Like a fine aged Stilton, this space is ripe for development! Xinova’s customers are eager for innovative solutions that will help them create a better plant-based cheese.

The Opportunity

Join the Xinova network now and get paid to innovate in this exciting space! Xinova is currently building a team of innovators to participate in a Virtual Rapid Innovation Session (RIS). This is an 8-week project in which you will work with 3-4 fellow innovators, led by a facilitator, towards finding creative, novel solutions to the problem at hand.

Participants will earn a total of $5000, paid as milestones are completed over the course of the project.

Participants can expect to:

  • Contribute 4-6 hours per week, over 8 weeks (with breaks for holiday weeks)
  • Work with your team in real-time (virtually) to identify solutions using a variety of ideation techniques
  • Research independently and with the team to understand the topic, what solutions currently exist, and why they are inadequate
  • Identify the novelty in each of the solutions, especially any potential for patentability
  • Attend virtual meetings with the Xinova customer and the Xinova manager to:
    • share initial solutions and receive feedback to present final solutions for evaluation
    • Prepare a final report for each high-value solution
    • Prepare an initial proposal for proof-of-concept work.

Apply now!

Apply now! 

Say, "Cheese"! Innovator Application

  • Note: Your availability will affect our selection.
  • Xinova is building a team of innovators to participate in a Plant-Based Cheese Rapid Innovation Session. Please highlight sufficient experience in one or more the following topics, through either technical or consultative work: • food processing • food formulations • biochemistry • food science in general • plant-based foods • microbiology
  • If you are unable to upload a resume or CV, please provide a LinkedIn profile link or other resume type link (i.e. personal webpage) in the next section.
    Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: pdf, jpg, Max. file size: 128 MB.
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    *Facts and figures sourced from *marketsandmarkets

    Note: Signing up for the network and/or applying will allow you to be considered for opportunities, but does not guarantee acceptance.

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