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Introducing SousZen

See how Xinova partners with PepsiCo and Innit to launch the new Seattle restaurant tech startup, SousZen, that aims to digitize ‘back of house’.

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Scariest. Innovation. Ever.

Freaky RFI

We must bridge the gap between those with the ability to understand our problems and those with the power to implement their solutions. Making policy makers out of scientists and engineers just seems easier than attempting the reverse.”

– Wyoming Sen.Chris Rothfuss, PhD

You know what’s really scary? Not innovating. It’s like a horror movie. An organization stagnates (cue creepy music). The forces of Disruption gather behind it, while the victim organization blissfully repeats past successes. The attack is sudden and final: digital images kill film; streaming movies kill DVDs; video kills the radio star. They’re done. Defunct. Dead. Dum-dum-dum…
These horror film scenarios could have had happy endings with smart, targeted innovation. That’s why I see every one of our innovators, partners and opportunities as heroes conquering monstrous disruption dragons. But rather than just slay the dragon, we ride it to expanded horizons because innovation lets you harness and control disruption. It saves lives, too. Our Seedless Sheep featured Halloween webinar seeks technology to protect sheep against an actual murderer lurking in the grass, and in sheep’s wool.
This week’s featured innovator, Chris Rothfuss, PhD, Senate Minority Leader of the Wyoming Legislature, is fighting to harness disruption for his state as he advocates for more technological solutions in policy, and more scientists like himself solving policy problems (he’s basically a unicorn). Xinova’s own Head of Global Innovation Services, David Kraft spoke about disrupting the food industry at the Smart Kitchen Summit. VP of Engineering, Paul Payne shared key lessons in leadership for engineers with built in seattle. And congrats to IDM, Shivani Ludwig for being named GeekWire’s Geek of the Week!
Disruption is a treat if you don’t let it trick you. Happy Halloween!


New Rapid Innovation Session

Xinova seeks the disclosure of inventions that seal the edges of two glasses to produce the vacuum insulated glass (VIG) by using new material which is eco-friendly and has low melting point. The Rapid Innovation Session will be a 2-day session with 4-5 qualified candidates to ideate on the materials and manufacturing challenges of  VIG. published in October


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Featured Request for Technology

Grass seeds can migrate through sheep’s wool and into their tissue like poisonous, lethal shrapnel, a condition called Grass Seed Infestation. We’re looking for technology that stops GSI. 
To learn more, check out the webinar on Seedless Sheep! published in October


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Xinova Updates


Disrupting the Food Industry 

Innovation needs more than just technology, it also needs talent from people, it needs demand from customers and companies, but then it also needs capital. Bringing all of those four things together we’re able to create the right set of conditions to establish partnerships and relationships between companies.” 

David Kraft, Head of Global Innovation Services at Xinova 




Engineering Leadership


Software engineers are practical people. But how do you expand their focus beyond nuts and bolts to engage with a company’s higher mission? Xinova VP of Engineering, Paul Payne says it begins with team cohesion. published in October


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Shivani Ludwig, Geek of the Week! 

It’s very tempting to jump ahead to running experiments, but finding answers will be an exercise in futility if you don’t fully understand the question you’re answering.”

Shivani Ludwig PhD, Xinova IDM



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Innovator Profile Series

-Wyoming Senator Chris Rothfuss, PhdD

With US mid-term elections coming up, it’s a good time to reflect on the dearth of scientists in politics, and what that means for policy. Chris Rothfuss, PhD, is the Senate Minority Leader of the Wyoming Legislature and a scientist through and through: engineer, chemist, researcher, analyst, consultant, and inventor. That makes him a unicorn in his day job as a politician. published in October


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Innovation Update


Flood of scientist leaving the lab for the legislature 



As many as 450 scientists are throwing their hats into state, local, and federal campaigns, according to 314 Action. The advocacy group (named for the first three digits of pi) encourages and supports people with science and technology backgrounds interested in running for office.”

Science News



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