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Introducing SousZen

See how Xinova partners with PepsiCo and Innit to launch the new Seattle restaurant tech startup, SousZen, that aims to digitize ‘back of house’.

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Xinova Newsletter Issue 1

Program managers and senior inventors at Xinova motivate and support innovators along what can be a difficult and uncharted journey. Their feedback throughout the review process extends to encouragement to keep inventing should an idea be rejected.”

– Moti Margalit, PhD, entrepreneur, coordinator of Xinova activities in Israel and named inventor of more than 60 granted and 30 pending patents


Consider this newsletter a guide to unlocking your potential as an innovator. Each month you’ll get first eyes on exciting new opportunities available only to the Xinova network, plus important updates that will keep you at the leading edge of innovation. Which brings us to… published in November

Request for Application | Xinova

Applying Innovation

Introducing the RFA!

Have you ever seen a new and completely overlooked application for an existing technology? Such valuable insight may now be rewarded with the launch of a new Xinova platform, the Request for Application (RFA).

An RFA seeks to identify new applications for an existing technology to solve a current problem or to substantially improve a product, process, or experience. We welcome innovative thinking that takes existing technology out of its box and unlocks its potential within new industries and markets outside a partner company’s current ecosystem. For more information, click here.

The new response forms developed for RFAs are called “Opportunity Reports” (instead of Solution Reports).  The new Opportunity Report Template will be available for download within the week. Login and get first crack at this exciting new opportunity! published in November

View RFA 1

View RFA 2

New Contracts | Quicker Payments

We are gradually rolling out new contracts to organization heads this month reflecting the Xinova shift from a profit share model to a net revenue share model.

Inventors receive compensation more quickly in the new system, which may potentially pay out in up-to three installments plus a percentage share of net revenue. Along with its simplified accounting, we hope this structure will assist cash flow and keep inventors engaged in the review process.

Moreover, the new contracts were developed to handle upcoming paid activities within the network.

Read here for a detailed Q&A on the contract changes (content requires login/signup to the Xinova Inventor Network). published in November

New Ways to Earn More

The Xinova network constitutes a vast pool of talent for whom a wide variety of paid activities are emerging: 

  • Co-authoring RFIs
  • Mentoring Innovators
  • Recruitment
  • Reviewing Solution Reports
  • Writing Business Plans

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Improve your odds for success!

Ready to tackle an RFI or our new RFA? Feedback helps start your idea on the right track. Before submitting a full Solution Report, click on the chat widget once you are logged into the Xinova Inventor Network site, and get feedback and information from an RFI manager to will improve your SR’s chances for success. published in November

The Xinova Global Invention Network

The Xinova Global Invention Network | Xinova


Moti Margalit, PhD | Xinova InventorInventor Profile 

Moti Margalit, PhD


Located in Israel, Moti Margalit is one of Xinova’s most prolific inventors, with over 60 patents and dozens of authored and co-authored successful submissions to RFIs. His passion for invention and creative collaboration are legendary in innovator circles in Israel and beyond. He regularly brings together and instructs innovators on how to successfully submit a solution report.

“So many times, just doing some basic Google searches to see if an idea has already been done or patented would save inventors a great deal of time and frustration,” he said. “But often, someone falls in love with an idea and can’t get beyond it.”

For Moti, inventive success derived from applying a systematic approach towards innovation. In his own words:

“I have learned two very important lessons over my career. I call them framing and tools.

First, I view invention as taking a picture. Think about it like this: People look at the world and we all see the same thing. But if a professional photographer knows how to frame the same image, he may compose it in the frame of the camera, identify the right moment, and then create a masterpiece. This is the stuff that inventions are made of. We have all this data in front of us. Sometimes we have too much data. You must be able to hone in the most important points and frame it so that reviewers will understand it. Being able to frame an idea into a good solution is what makes a good inventor.

The second lesson concerns tools. A person has a toolbox. In it can be a set of pliers or it can be many tools. Your quality as a craftsman is defined by your ability to match the right tool with a specific problem, and your experience with that specific tool. Experts in a single field tend to be very proficient with one tool. In Hebrew, there is a saying: the hammer sees every problem like a nail. The ability to see lots of problems addressed with lots of tools is surprisingly difficult. A good inventor is defined by how many tools he can readily deploy, and his experience in using these tools.” published in November

Login and connect with Moti on our Inventor Network

Question of the Month

When did you start thinking of yourself as an inventor? Submit your answer here and we’ll post it in the next issue.  published in November


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