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Introducing SousZen

See how Xinova partners with PepsiCo and Innit to launch the new Seattle restaurant tech startup, SousZen, that aims to digitize ‘back of house’.

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Seeking innovative solutions for:

Matching People to Tasks 

Seeking innovators to develop a breakthrough algorithm.

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Delivering value to our innovators and our customers.

->Getting the best people to create solutions for our client’s problems

->Expand the opportunities we offer our 10,000 members

->Improve the Network’s operational efficiency

->Increase the commercialization potential for our members

Xinova RFI | $40,000.00 minimum total award budget


Minimum total award budget paid upon closing of the RFI*

Xinova inventor network

12000 +

Names in the Xinova innovator network

Machine learning market

1.4  Billion 

Machine learning market

Machine learning industry compound annual growth rate

44.1 %

Machine learning industry compound annual growth rate by 2022

Finding the right people for the job is half the challenge in developing innovations.
Improving our collective ability to deliver the best solutions to address our customers’ needs is a win-win for all our members.

Let’s solve this problem.

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Build your A-Team!

Xinova is using our network to discover the best way to find the right people to solve our customers’ challenges.  We are confident that you the members of our network can solve this challenging problem. We need the ability to:

  • Align the right people to an opportunity (inside and outside our network)

  • Make it easier for members to find potential collaborators

  • Expand the types of projects we can offer our members

Why this problem is valuable to solve:

  • Increased engagement with our innovators

  • Increased volume and quality of solutions

  • Ability to scale up operations, improve efficiency

  • Expand the breadth of projects offered to our members

Xinova innovators are working to solve this!
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Current technology and
Prior solution attempts

Within Xinova each inventor’s profile contains various relevant data, such as academic background, work and research experience, and technical interests.


Using keywords from our members’ profiles, we search global patent databases (USPTO, EPO, etc.), and using the Cooperative Patent Classification (CPC) we build a profile for each member based on their most common CPC classifications.


This allows us to identify network members who, based on their “fingerprint”, are potentially good contributors to a project.


However, this approach is limited to patents and does not take into a broader set of attributes, nor does it search sources outside of Xinova for possible contributors.

Xinova is seeking breakthrough new algorithms. 

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Invention suggestions

Include all public information sources 

New algorithms will draw data on people from the Xinova database and worldwide patent databases, as well as from any other publicly available information source, such as publications, social networks, and subscription data, that can be legally and automatically mined.


Innovator Model / Opportunity Model

A model should be designed for describing competencies and interests of people based on available data. Opportunities should also be models based on a combination of the domain/topics and the type of the task being performed.



In addition to inventing, the new algorithm needs to take into account a new tasks available to members. Those could include:

  • Writing an RFI and reviewing Solution Reports

  • Concept development/Prototyping

  • Writing Technical Reports/White Papers

  • Participating on co-innovation teams

  • Product Development

  • Go-to-Market planning

  • Participating on expert panels

  • Member recruiting and mentoring new members.

Join our innovator community to solve this and other interesting challenges.

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