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Introducing SousZen

See how Xinova partners with PepsiCo and Innit to launch the new Seattle restaurant tech startup, SousZen, that aims to digitize ‘back of house’.

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The Crucible – Solve for X

March 2019

The benefit of Xinova is that it is flexible, so it suits my lifestyle and it’s been good to me as an alternative inventing path given my circumstances. Resilience and persistence are important.”

– Quentin Adam, Xinova Innovator

Did you know UNESCO designated 2019 as the International Year of the Periodic Table? This March marks 150 years since Dmitri Mendeleev published his momentous discovery, which is near and dear to the hearts of us all. At Xinova’s Seattle headquarters, our Elements of Innovation showcase evokes a sense of wonder at their sheer ubiquity in our lives, while tapping into a spirit of entrepreneurship and discovery. Kaj Pedersen wrote a stellar piece fusing these elements together in their literal, historical, and philosophical connotations, segueing to some pretty great news we’ve recently had as well.
Xinova was featured this month in Built in Seattle’s 50 startups to watch for 2019. In the same month, we’ve debuted at 81 on the GeekWire 200, a ranked index of Pacific Northwest Startups. Many elements have contributed to the growth and success precipitating this recognition but, as Director of HR, Nicole Underwood writes, our special culture has united us as a globally dispersed company and helped propel us to new heights. And now, with the Xinova Referral Program, you can get paid to accelerate that growth—check it out and bring a friend who’ll add to our unrivaled innovator collective!  
And sometimes, as Nick Milanovich writes this March…well, sometimes creating a culture of innovation means killing some zombies. You’ve got to read his survival guide to the R&D zombie project apocalypse to understand how this month’s cinematic release of Stephen King’s Pet Sematary reboot reminds us that clearing out zombies frees up real innovation. And speaking of innovative environments…

New opportunity

Invite others, get rewardedIntroducing: Xinova referral program

The Xinova Referral Program provides you with monetary rewards for helping grow the Xinova network. Find out how to get started, and help enhance the world’s best innovator collective. 

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Xinova updates

Gold: Seattle’s once and future element of innovationGold: Seattle's once and future element of innovation  

“What is fascinating is how the historical nuggets of Seattle’s world-class innovation culture shine especially bright from the Klondike gold rush period, which resulted in transformational growth for the city.”

– Kaj Pedersen, Xinova Global Head of Operations, March


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How Xinova's Culture Supports GrowthHow our culture supports growth

“From Australia to Asia to Israel to Finland, we recognize that an enduring culture of innovation builds out from the employee experience via three key areas: the work environment; physical spaces; and technology that connects distributed teams to dream and deliver together with ease and efficiency.”

– Nicole Underwood, Xinova HR Director, March 

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Xinova in the news

GeekWire 200 - Xinova ranks as top Pacific NW startupGeekWire 200 – Ranks Xinova as Pacific Northwest Startup!

In March, Xinova made the GeekWire 200 for the first time, landing at number 81 on the prestigious rankings of Pacific Northwest startups. This is a great spot to debut!

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Xinova cracks 50 Startups to Watch

Xinova was featured in Built in Seattle’s 50 Startups to Watch for 2019—on the heels of being named one of Seattle’s Best Places to Work. Built in Seattle also recognized us March, 26 as one of five local mission-driven organizations. It’s an honor to be recognized alongside such a stellar collection of innovators and business leaders, who are driving yet another inflection point of entrepreneurship in Seattle..


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Featured innovator

Quentin Adams

Quentin Adam: Build It Up

Inventing with Xinova helped Quentin Adam overcome tragedy and stay true to his devotion as a father and to his commitment to fulfilling his lifelong dreams as an inventor. A truly inspiring tale about embracing one’s purpose in life.

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Innovation updates

Killing Zombie ProjectsKilling Zombie Projects

“In my experience, dead R&D projects should stay dead. However, they seem to come back to life like Zombies, haunting R&D departments and sucking the life out of a researcher’s time that could be devoted to exploring fresh ideas instead of resurrecting the dead.”

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New opportunity

Rinse and Reuse

Does the thought of the amount of water that is wasted from washing vegetables keep you up at night? For most of us, probably not, but that is a problem that lots of Food and Ag companies face every day. The actual process of cleaning vegetables and reusing the water is a tiresome task that not only waste billions of gallons of water, but also requires lots of effort and money. As a result, Xinova is seeking innovative and cost-effective solutions that can make the vegetable cleaning process more efficient and more sustainable. 

Closing April 24, 2019!

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Packed with Power

The secret to unlocking the battery revolution is in your hands!

A lithium metal battery is only as good as its weakest anode. Too bad, because lithium anodes are holding back an electric vehicle  and portable device revolution powered by LMBs. Here’s the problem. As cycles of charges rebound from the battery’s cathode on one end to the lithium anode on the other, the lithium metal anode surface quickly roughens up and forms lithium whiskers called dendrites. The battery’s performance plummets, and dangerous reactions with the electrolyte part of the battery occur.

Closing April 26, 2019!

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Featured Webinar

Click, Ship, and Sip webinar with Shivani Ludwig

The March opportunity, Click, Ship and Sip, seeks new designs for a shippable, multi-serve beverage containers that are ecofriendly and built for the complicated journey through the eCommerce supply chain.

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