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Introducing SousZen

See how Xinova partners with PepsiCo and Innit to launch the new Seattle restaurant tech startup, SousZen, that aims to digitize ‘back of house’.

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It’s like I have found my tribe. There is a sense of coming home, of recognition, of validation.  Now I have people I can talk to and throw ideas around with. They will say, ‘Oh, you’re an inventor too, how interesting!’ There’s this opportunity to really play in this environment, where your ideation can unfold without concern that your ideas are a little ‘out there.'”

Brenda McCaffrey, PhD, Founder & President of White Mountain Labs


Women’s History Month reminds us to acknowledge women of innovation, past and present. We’re proud to profile Brenda McCaffrey, PhD, a successful scientist and entrepreneur for over 30 years. She says that sometimes “just being there and doing great work, and letting others shine a light on what we do” is the most powerful message a woman in science and innovation can send. Read about her inspiring journey to self-actualization as an inventor. published in March


Featured RFI Snack Densification   

Soft drinks have some of the highest margins in the food industry. Large venues such as football stadiums and amusement parks have a large and captive customer base, which could significantly drive revenues. However, long lines for beverages often exist because of payment transaction times and beverage acquisition logistics. Customers with a subscription to fountain drink machines in a large venue can rapidly pay for and acquire beverages.  published in March


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Featured Webinar Pre-Submission Feedback

Get feedback for your idea before submitting a complete solution or opportunity report. It’ll save you time and improve your idea’s chances of success. Learn more about this process by viewing our latest webinar, “Pre-Submission Feedback”, presented by Xinova Innovation Manager, Shivani Gupta, PhD. published in March

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Xinova Updates


Contributing Innovator 

Seth Miller is an entrepreneur and inventor with over 75 issued patents. His stellar writing, such as “This is How Big Oil Will Die,” below, will be regularly featured on Xinova. We welcome more contributors to help the blog reflect the diversity of our network.

“Yet I argue here that technology is about to undo a century of political and economic dominance by oil. Big Oil will be cut down in the next decade by a combination of smartphone apps, long-life batteries, and simpler gearing.  And as is always the case with new technology, the undoing will occur far faster than anyone thought possible.” published in March

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Innovator Profile Series

-Brenda McCaffrey, PhD    Brenda McCaffrey, PhD | Xinova Innovator

I’m a little unusual as an engineer because I’m somewhat intolerant of complexity… I dive into something incredibly complex knowing that the goal is to find this simple perspective. I work well with other scientists and engineers because I’m able to articulate this high-level perspective.”

– Brenda McCaffrey, PhD, Founder & President of White Mountain Labs


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Innovation Updates 

Women Innovators, Present and Past

At the March, 22 Women in IT Awards USA,  Google Cloud’s COO, Diane Bryant said, “CIOs know that the lack of women in tech is hindering them. We can’t afford to overlook 50% of the population.” We at Xinova agree that innovation thrives on diversity; its potential is maximized when women play key roles.

When discussing great women inventors of history, a few discussed on the Xinova company Slack board (who are mentioned in this piece) included: Hedy Lamarr, Grace Hopper, and Ada Lovelace. Who would you add? published in March

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