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Introducing SousZen

See how Xinova partners with PepsiCo and Innit to launch the new Seattle restaurant tech startup, SousZen, that aims to digitize ‘back of house’.

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The Crucible – Solve for X

January 2019

Inventing with Xinova was a great experience. I was able to continue relationships with some people that I knew in the field. I was also able to learn about new concepts and technologies, and travel and meet many people from around the world.”

– Brenden Carlson, PhD Xinova Innovator


Before launching into 2019, let’s take a moment to reflect on a scintillating 2018. Last year, Xinova became the world’s first and only Innovation Market Network. This is a big deal, not just for Xinova–and not just for the ascending Market Networks phenomenon–but for innovation as a whole. It took us years to curate a 12,000-strong network of world-class innovators while developing a market of co-development partners. In 2018, we connected the network and the market in a unique way with a platform purpose-built to align innovation resources with demand. The list of opportunities across the innovation lifecycle is constantly expanding as a result. Check out this webinar to see how our history enabled the present and opened a path for a transcendent future of co-innovation.
Hopefully, you had the chance to rest and recharge over the holidays because we know how hard our network was working over 2018. The numbers aren’t final, but out of 830 tallied submissions for RFXs Xinova paid out around $1 million to innovators for: 253 solutions presented-to-customer, with 42 selections for RFXs, and two licensed inventions. And there are plenty more opportunities coming your way in 2019, like this one for sterilizing potato rinse water.
The leading edge of innovation is an exciting place to be. Founder, Edward Jung wrote a piece in HBR exploring the potential impact of Innovation Bonds, an investment instrument that could stimulate growth in the heartland. His innovative solution aligns with the thinking of Kaj Pederson, Xinova Global Head of Operations, whose Bold Predictions for 2019 piece argues that the myriad challenges facing society today will fuel amazing solutions tomorrow.


Xinova updates

Edward Jung in HBR: Local innovation bonds 

In this piece published in Harvard Business Review on Janurary, Founder and CEO, Edward Jung introduces a new model to drive tech investment in the American heartland based on a new financial instrument called Local Innovation Bonds to connect risk-averse local investors with cash-starved local entrepreneurs

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Bold Innovation Predictions for 2019  

When it comes to innovation, the darkest clouds can have the most precious silver linings. Check out Global Head of Operations, Kaj Pederson’s predictions on the three areas that will see the most innovation in 2019 because, as he says, necessity is the mother of invention. published January

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The world’s first and only Innovation Market Network

One of the key drivers of the market network revolution is its suitability for complex, long-term projects demanding highly skilled expertise. Xinova’s platform-enabled innovation market network evolves the original market networks’ conceptual focus beyond serving single industries to solving problems for–well, anyone who needs to innovate. Which is everyone, of course. published January

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New Innovation Opportunity!

Rinse and Reuse


Cleaning vegetables and spray-peeling potatoes wastes billions of gallons of water, which also carries a hefty cost.  Xinova is seeking innovative and cost-effective solutions that can make the vegetable cleaning process more efficient and sustainable, i.e. keeping the potato rinse water clean for reuse. published January

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Featured Webinar

Looking back, Looking ahead– webinar with Brad Roberts, Global Head of Network Platform

To optimize its transformative potential on how innovation is done, Xinova rebuilt its platform in 2018. The result is the world’s first and only platform-enabled market network. The effects of this transformation will be of great import to both innovators and industry partners alike, as Xinova continues to seek new and diverse innovation opportunities. published January

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Featured Innovators:

Brenden Carlson, PhD

The Chemistry of Innovation

Chemist, Brenden Carlson, Ph.D., is helping reinvent the gummy. Directing the Seattle Gummy Company’s formulations, he’s invented whole new sugar compounds along the way to developing healthy and tasty fitness gummies, energy gummies, multi-vitamin gummies, and even the world’s first planned line of pharmaceutical gummies–which promise to boost efficacy and patient compliance with medications. But his career trajectory didn’t start with applied chemistry in food, or health or medicine—but in aeronautics and military applications.


Innovation Update

Red Meat Innovation2019.01.03.North Queensland Register blog post

Xinova is making headlines in the red meat industry. In Shan Goodwin’s Pushing the boundaries of red meat research and development” for farmonline, the author writes: “From value-adding the byproducts of red meat processing to dealing with grass seed infestations in sheep or cattle feedlot dags, the red meat industry is tapping into cutting edge ways to come up with solutions that push the boundaries of traditional research and development.”


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