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Introducing SousZen

See how Xinova partners with PepsiCo and Innit to launch the new Seattle restaurant tech startup, SousZen, that aims to digitize ‘back of house’.

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On behalf of global innovators, we seek to establish a set of principles that unify in mutual self-interest all parties around the world impassioned by innovation’s ability to create a more perfect world. It is through these principles that we hope to maintain a healthy world for generations to come.

Edward Jung, CEO & Founder of Xinova

We believe Innovators come from all backgrounds and walks of life | The Xinova Innovator Manifesto

We believe Innovators come from all backgrounds and walks of life; not only scientists and technologists but also artists, policy makers, investors, businesspeople, students, educators and any person who participates in and promotes the process of identifying problems and developing practical solutions that better the world.

We recognize that knowledge from one area of the world isn’t inherently more valuable than knowledge from another. We know together we are stronger, and thus diversity and inclusion must be the foundation on which we stand. Hope, optimism, open-mindedness, cooperation, and risk-taking are fundamental principles to be cherished and supported.

We participate in a constantly evolving world | The Xinova Innovator Manifesto We participate in a constantly evolving world, with problems that emerge alongside it. Innovation must be purposefully directed to develop better solutions, mechanisms, processes, skills, and economies in order to embrace diversity and channel this constant change for the greater good.

We know innovation is pivotal to the future of the world and we must be mindful to ensure that created, packaged and deployed innovation is always useful, usable and valuable to have meaning and impact. Mindful innovation is the clearest path for Innovators to resist the degradation of humanity by war, disease, poverty, injustice, pestilence, pollution, tyranny and the harmful use of technology. It is key to creating a better future for our ever-changing world, to ensure we use our power for good rather than evil.

Where science and technology are reasonably open to the public for participation | | The Xinova Innovator Manifesto We are committed to building a better future for everyone, where science and technology are reasonably open to the public for participation, stake-holding, critique, and compliment. Therefore, everyone should have the right to participate in innovation in any way they choose with fair ownership of their contributions.

We believe the public should have practical access to understanding the innovation problems of the world, the possible incentives for participation in developing and deploying solutions, understanding the already existing solutions and the impact of solutions for similar issues in other parts of the world.

We believe in openness and transparency that must be thoughtfully balanced with the need for privacy and proprietary rights to best stimulate and reward risk-taking and investment.

We stand by every Innovator’s rights to freely participate in the market of cooperation and competition to create the best inventions, products, and businesses. We affirm their right to participate in the financial risk and rewards of their work fairly and transparently.

We stand by the rights of all companies and organizations to access and hold dialogue with Innovators all over the world, to perfect our mutual understanding of the problems, incentives, and solutions available for development.

We support the rule of law and justice | The Xinova Innovator Manifesto We support the rule of law and justice that maintains a fair and level playing field for innovation and reject legal fraud and deception that takes advantage of those without leverage. We respect incentives and rewards that motivate hard work and cooperation over stasis and division. We advocate a shift away from short-term opportunism toward long-term investment that rewards risk-taking over time.

We aim to cultivate a society where problems aren’t avoided but embraced. Where curiosities are nurtured and collaboration is championed. Where purpose and profit are aligned.

It is through these principles that we will create a world where human beings of diverse backgrounds and expertise unite over the shared passion of innovation and are rewarded fairly for their contributions to create a better world for generations to come.

Edward Jung

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