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Introducing SousZen

See how Xinova partners with PepsiCo and Innit to launch the new Seattle restaurant tech startup, SousZen, that aims to digitize ‘back of house’.

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  • COVID-19: Defining a generational problemCOVID-19 is a problem whose location and features seem to change and mutate every day. We are asking you to volunteer your expertise and perspective at this time.
  • COVID-19 DiariesThese are unprecedented times. We wish to help document and understand this crisis as it touches everyone, everywhere--and develop solutions. Share your stories and ideas.
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Innovation Opportunities

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Flavoring Plant Protein-Based Protein Jerky

Xinova would like to produce plant protein-based snack foods to meet consumer demand for healthy snacks.

Matching People and Tasks in Tech Innovation

Xinova needs new algorithms to search through both internal and external sources of structured and unstructured data to find and properly match people to tasks.

Waste to Worth: Potato Peel

New high value uses of potato peel components and improved potato peel waste processing equipment are needed.

Waste to Worth: Residues from Producing Coconut Water

This opportunity seeks new high-value uses of waste residues from coconut water production, and/or new discoveries of high-value components therein.

Snack Densification

Xinova seeks inventions for the design of regularly shaped snack products that eliminate the packaging issues caused by irregularly shaped snacks.

Waste to Worth: Oat Hulls

Xinova seeks the disclosure of inventions directed to new uses or treatment methods for oat hulls and/or their components.

Non-Thermal Pasteurization

New technologies are needed to increase the shelf-life of non-thermally pasteurized foods and beverages while decreasing the cost of acquisition and operation.

Oven Calibration

Xinova seeks the disclosure of inventions and methods for in-home oven calibration. The solution should be able to be performed in an easy and safe manner by the consumer.

Bottle Closure Sanitation

Xinova seeks the disclosure of new bottle closure sanitation methods. These methods should reduce or eliminate the use of water and chemicals in sanitation.

Improved Laser Surgery Dosimetry: R:GEN and RPE

Xinova seeks the disclosure of inventions that improve the R:GEN system ability to detect micro-cavitation during eye surgery.

Analog to Brix for Solid Food

Xinova seeks the disclosure of inventions that enable rapid measurement of sugar content in solid processed foods.The ability to rapidly measure sugar content is critical.

Electrical Insulation

Specifically, Xinova seeks the disclosure of applications for electrical insulation composed of alumina-polyimide or mica-silicone.

Fecal Sludge Dewatering

Seeking a solution that enables the rapid dewatering of fecal sludge. The solution must be able to deal with sludge that has highly variable physical and chemical properties.

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