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Innovation Opportunities

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OPEN! Closing 31 May, 2019

Request for Concept Development Partner

Partners are needed! You're invited to apply and partner with us on executing concept development project(s) for RFI-180112 Slimmer, Stronger Snack Packs

OPEN! Closing in 1 days

Periodic Table Celebration

To celebrate 150 years of Dmitri Mendeleev’s Periodic Table, Xinova is calling for all innovators to reflect on how significant the Periodic Table has been in their lives.

OPEN! Closing 4 Jun, 2019

One System for Topping them All

Xinova seeks the disclosure of inventions that allow the purposeful placement of toppings in a specific pattern for high-volume production lines.

OPEN! Closing 10 Jul, 2019

Free the Water

Xinova is seeking ways to manage the watery dough problem so vegetables can be included into sheets of dough and baked like traditional crackers.

Defeating Malaria with Data

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is supporting Xinova's efforts to brainstorm breakthrough approaches to improve timeliness, quality and visibility of data for the Malaria

Biomagnetism Innovation Experts

Xinova is seeking innovators to contemplate new biomagnetic sensing technologies, techniques, and applications.

Cold Spray Innovation Expert

Xinova is seeking innovators to contemplate new cold spray deposition/coating technologies, techniques, and applications.

Get the Inside Out

Your expertise is needed! Xinova seeks innovators for a Rapid Innovation Session focused on recycling!

Seeking Technical Author and Analyst for Biofuel Technologies

Biofuel companies need a way to understand the quality and purity of the fats they process

Packed with Power

The secret to unlocking the battery revolution and supercharging electric vehicles is in your hands, so take charge and power the next innovation for this global car company.

Rinse and Reuse

Xinova seeks a cost-effective way to clean potato rinse water for multiple re-uses in the clean-and-peel process. 

Telecom Portfolio Challenge

Xinova is seeking 5 innovators to curate the IP portfolio of a global  telecom partner to identify game-changing product concepts for spin-out or product development.

Smart City Innovators

Xinova is seeking partners with experience in the field of Smart Cities, including sensors, network technologies, machine learning algorithms, and specific business expertise.

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The tools and tactics that drive transformative solutions.


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