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Maynard Kang

Managing Director, Innovation Banking and Development

Full Stack Entrepreneur

Maynard Kang | Managing Director | Innovation Banking and DevelopmentMaynard’s diverse skills make him invaluable for creating new ventures. As an experienced software architect, engineer and entrepreneur, he is a builder. He is a master analyst, able to dissect technical IP and complex financial issues. As a veteran VC and IP investor, he knows how to nurture and accelerate a venture’s growth.

Maynard’s background as a seasoned technology investment professional has helped him to become deeply skilled in the key functions of new venture creation.

In venture capital, he led digital strategy for EDB Investments, a state fund engaged in growth-stage VC investments, where he closed large growth and equity investments in US companies and represented funds on the boards of portfolio companies. As cofounder of Snowflake Innovations, he helped develop the Xinova Innovation Banking platform to facilitate global tech transfer and IP licensing between MNCs and SMEs.

In intellectual property, he was the principal analyst for the world’s largest IP investment fund manager, Intellectual Ventures. There he led the product development group, designing the IP portfolio management and analytics system  and building models for asset pricing, tax structuring and novel instruments like IP-based derivatives. He was a member of HP’s IP Global Licensing Group, analyzing internal/external IP and building financial models for patent assertion, litigation, cross-licensing negotiations, and M&A due diligence. At HP he developed licensing strategy, financial projections and valuation models for large, complex licensing programs.

As an entrepreneur and software engineer, he is a full-stack developer with over 30 years of programming experience. He founded the start-up, where he invented patented technology, raised funding, and built the business.

Maynard’s Xinova Story  LinkedIn Profile

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