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Innovation Opportunities

Seeking innovative solutions for:

Xinova’s business is creating business.

We help you achieve what innovation initiatives must deliver to your business – extraordinary value and outsized returns. Cool technologies, trendy products, and new business models aren’t the point of innovation: it’s to produce a viable ROI or IRR and drive growth.

We help you with your entire innovation journey. We can start with a blank page or a P&L, and take you all the way to fully funded market-disrupting operating business with new-to-the-world products. Or we can provide the support where and when you need it.

We are a risk-sharing and reward-sharing co-development partner. We’re not a fee-for-service consulting company looking to bill lots of hours; we’re world-class entrepreneurial team fully invested in your success.

A Unique Combination of Capabilities, Skills, & Methods

Xinova brings a global pool of talent and technical expertise, a firehose of creative ideas and focused solutions, seasoned world-class experience and wisdom in driving innovation at scale, and a global network of powerful business partners. Most importantly, we can bring funding that creates shared success scenarios and expands the innovation initiatives you can accomplish.

We’ve assembled a powerful combination of capabilities, proprietary methods, and broad and deep networks that dramatically lower your innovation investment costs, dramatically increasing the velocity of initiatives while markedly improving outcomes.

We make it happen! We bring the entrepreneurial zeal and creativity to drive results.

  • If you need new technical solutions, we’ll invent, license, or acquire them.
  • If you need a new company, we’ll create it and operate it if necessary.
  • If you need to a buy a company, we’ll handle the M&A from beginning to end.
  • If you need funding for development or commercialization, we’ll bring or raise capital.
  • If you need partners to collaborate with, we will find and enroll them.

Defending your organization from the relentless forces of disruption

Why is disruption always a surprise? We believe disruption should never be a shock, and that it can always be predicted – if you are willing to take an objective, rigorous and methodical look.

Disruption can be and should be designed. Our approach can radically transform an industry by providing a framework and a design process that:

  • produces breakthrough insights,
  • deconstructs and maps incredibly complex industries and make them simple to understand,
  • reveals inefficiencies, vulnerabilities, and how to disrupt existing cashflows,
  • makes a business case for what to invest in and why, and
  • co-creates strategies to focus, prioritize and mobilize innovation initiatives.

Our proven proprietary process is useful for both defending against the forces of change, and proactively creating disruption for competitors. Most importantly, it creates a platform for us to implement a portfolio of compelling investments to grow your business.

Let’s grow your business!

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The Leadership Dilemma

The demands on executive leaders who are accountable for innovation are staggering. Survival depends on being simultaneously successful at all types innovation. You must improve your existing products and processes, evolve the next generations of your products and services, invent new technologies that enable development of new products to fight for category leadership, and transform your category with new business models to disrupt others or prevent being disrupted.

On top of that, you are expected to be highly inventive in how you manage and exploit the portfolio of assets you have developed while investing in R&D and business growth, with an expectation you will identify and sell off non-strategic assets and business units.

Oh, and did we mention the limited and finite resources to accomplish all of this? The talent gap in your staffing is ever more obvious. Your budgets are spread so thin you have to say no to many of the most critical initiatives. And the attention of your executive team is spread even thinner. Most organizations see these conditions getting worse in the future, not better.

This is why Xinova exists. The job of a senior innovation leader is bigger than the resources that even many of the largest, best staffed and funded companies have. We are here to extend your resources, to help you achieve more of what you know is possible. We bring strategic thinking and executive-level thought partnership, flexible on-demand development resources for invention, an enormous diverse network of exceptional innovators to augment your staff, the ability to design new ventures, structure finance, and raise capital. We can work independently when needed, or we can function as part of your internal team. 

Xinova helps you move beyond your leadership dilemma.

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Xinova was established to build a global innovation network.

We innovate on behalf of our many customers in a variety of industries, ranging from leading multinational food-and-beverage and credit card companies to startups and regional Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

Xinova cultivates working relationships with innovators worldwide through its 10,000-strong global innovation network, representing more than 100 research institutes, universities, and companies.

Our name combines two different words for ‘new’, one from the East and one from the West. We’re a global company with clients worldwide that has developed a new, unique approach to innovation. Xinova is innovation made new.

Our innovation banking team

Managing Partners

Jussi Westergren | Innovation Banking and Development

Core Team

Christian Czernich | Innovation Banking and Development

Glenn Edens

Adam Holiber| Innovation Banking and Development

Maynard Kang | Innovation Banking and Development

Seth Miller | Innovation Banking and Development

Chip Murray | Innovation Banking and Development

Anton Orlich | Innovation Banking and Development

Ken Pawlak | Innovation Banking and Development

Darrel Rhea | Innovation Banking and Development

Ernst Stöttinger | Innovation Banking and Development

Ken Tallo | Innovation Banking and Development

Yan Sheng | Innovation Banking and Development

Ken Poppe | Innovation Banking and Development

Scott Needham| Innovation Banking and Development

Stanley Anderson | Innovation Banking and Development

Kent Baker | Innovation Banking and Development

Richard Belcredi | Innovation Banking and Development

Dr. Mark Connolly | Innovation Banking and Development

Dr. Olav Ermgassen | Innovation Banking and Development

Peter Harter | Innovation Banking and Development

Damon Matteo | Innovation Banking and Development

Xinova brings

  • A global pool of talent and technical expertise, 
  • A firehose of creative ideas and focused solutions,
  • Seasoned world-class experience and wisdom in driving innovation at scale, and
  • A global network of powerful business partners.

Together, we help you achieve what innovation initiatives must deliver to your business – extraordinary value and outsized returns.

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Our Full List of Services


The network of experts and visionaries that get results.


The tools and tactics that drive transformative solutions.


The tools and tactics that drive transformative solutions.


The experience to build a market for innovative ideas.

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Xinova Japan GK
Yaesu Mitsui Building 6F
2-7-2 Yaesu, Chuo-ku
Tokyo 104-0028 Japan


Xinova Innovation (Beijing) Consultancy Co. Ltd.
Room 2494, Level 24, Tower 3
China Central Place
77 Jianguo Road
Chaoyang District
Beijing, 100025 China


Xinova Asia Pte Ltd.
150 Beach Road
#08-06/08 Gateway West 
189720 Singapore
+65 6408 5080


Xinova Korea
10th floor, Golfzone Tower
735, Yeongdong-daero
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Xinova Australasia Pty Ltd.
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227 Elizabeth Street
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Govinda Reddy (GR) Layout
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Xinova Finland
Erottajankatu 5 A 4
FI-00130 Helsinki

Affiliate offices in Tel Aviv & Vienna