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Introducing SousZen

See how Xinova partners with PepsiCo and Innit to launch the new Seattle restaurant tech startup, SousZen, that aims to digitize ‘back of house’.

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What kills great invention—and it’s something most people can’t get past- is a good solution. Most problems have a good solution, but you need to go further to find something that is totally new… You must ask yourself, ‘What is a better solution?’”

Shmuel Ur, PhD, IBM Master Inventor 

With three new RFIs released in February, we’re pleased to offer new opportunities to invent. Moreover, let’s take a moment to reflect upon everything “we” signifies in the Xinova context. “We” means building trust and establishing community as we grow something special together. As people, inventors, and organizations, we are the future of innovation.

So please, get to know us better. Check out our new team page. It’s full of thoughts and stories articulating our commitment to innovation and inventors. It’s all bound together by Edward Jung’s profound vision for the world our Xinova community is seeking to improve. published in February


NEW! Point of Use Water Purification RFI 

Beverage production requires pure water to ensure consistent taste and safety. Current point-of-is water purification technologies such as reverse osmosis (RO) and filtration units are either too costly or do not purify the water to the required specifications. published in February



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NEW! Cyber-Attack Forecasting, Detection, and Stabilization RFI    

There is presently a need for technologies related to predicting and detecting cyber-attacks. The broad inventive scope includes the tools themselves, the supporting technologies, and the means to help people use the technologies. Also required are “first aid” technologies, which are essentially reactive measures used to stabilize post-attack situations, thereby diminishing damage  and allowing response teams to intervene with minimal operational disruption. published in February


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NEW! Fountain Drink Subscription for Venues RFI   

Soft drinks have some of the highest margins in the food industry. Large venues such as football stadiums and amusement parks have a large and captive customer base, which could significantly drive revenues. However, long lines for beverages often exist because of payment transaction times and beverage acquisition logistics. Customers with a subscription to fountain drink machines in a large venue can rapidly pay for and acquire beverages. published in February 


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Xinova Updates


Envisioning a Participatory Technocracy 

Technology shapes the human experience, and too often not for the better. Rather than settling for an avalanche of gadgets, apps, and autonomous gizmos, we need to think about, talk about, and (eventually) come to some kind of agreement on what might constitute a “better” human life in the digital age.

I envision a world of innovators who shape technology for the good of society. Innovators, after all, are not just scientists and technologists; we are artists, policy makers, investors, business people, students, educators: any human who participates in identifying problems and inventing solutions that better the world. What I foresee is a system enabling more people to self-identify as innovators, culminating in a participatory technocracy: a society that will ensure the clearest path for innovators to resist the degradation of humanity by war, disease, poverty, injustice, pestilence, pollution, tyranny, and the harmful use of technology.

Innovation is the door to the future, and inventors hold its key. published in February

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Innovator Profile Series

Shmuel Ur, Phd, IBM Master Inventor Shmuel Ur, PhD | Xinova Inventor

Shmuel Ur is the rare inventor who has invented successfully his entire career, spanning the traditional R&D model (as Master Inventor with IBM), as well as the burgeoning Open Innovation and Smart R&D domains. Along his highly successful inventive journey, he has encountered rough patches and life lessons he’s happy to share as trade insights. His warning on the perils of patenting alone could save a lot of time, money, and heartache. published in February


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Innovation Updates 

Moore’s Law, the 1965 theory proposed by Intel co-founder, Gordon Moore, stipulates that computer processing speed will double every two years. A recent study in Nature Electronics, later reported by Newsweek, suggests the trend underlying Moore’s Law has peaked, as shrinking the processors inside computer chips is becoming more expensive and less fruitful. This has broad implications: perhaps half of economic growth worldwide depends on Moore’s Law’s continued trend.

Some are looking beyond Moore’s Law and at potential solutions: This blog post by IDG Connect, for instance, examines 12 Technologies that can Extend Moore’s Law. published in February


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