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Leslie Field, PhD, founded Ice911 to fight global warming via innovation

A recent Fast Company profile on Xinova innovator, Leslie Field, PhD recalls the profound impact innovators can make when empowered with the freedom and tools to pursue their passion. A heartfelt congratulations goes out to Leslie and her team for their well-deserved recognition on fighting global climate change through bold innovation. We reached out to Fast Company on Leslie’s behalf because Ice911 is a great story whose implications touch us all, and we want the world to know about it. Xinova brings together global minds like Leslie to realize inventive dreams of a better world.


The population of planet Earth stands to benefit from Leslie’s efforts with Ice911, an organization she founded to slow polar ice melt–a critical lever for global warming–through the deployment of her sun-reflecting silica microsphere technology on polar ice. In addition to neutralizing polar ice melt, Leslie and her colleagues work with Xinova on challenges across the gamut of technical fields and industries. Xinova has been proud to play a role in supporting innovators’ autonomy and providing valuable opportunities to do what they do best: solve problems.


Polar ice melt is a key lever for global climate change.

“What about all these difficulties that populations worldwide are facing?” said Leslie, author of 54 patents. “It turns out that Xinova really wants to take on big problems—the problems of humanity.”

Indeed, purposeful innovation is core to everything Xinova stands for. Founder Edward Jung developed an elegant set of principles that guides Xinova’s approach to innovation and innovators, who he has defined as any human who participates, promotes and otherwise assists the process of identifying problems and making practical solutions that better the world.




Innovation is key to the future of the world. We must stand for progress when others are paralyzed by failure. We must represent optimism even when people propagate fear. The path to do that is to allow people around the world to share risk and reward in their journey to the future,” said Xinova founder and CEO, Edward Jung.

Connecting innovation talent  

Xinova has built and manages a process that connects talent across the innovation landscape, from inventors to experts in prototyping and business development, via a network spanning thousands of people around the world. The results can have direct impact on ecologies and economies, both local and global. For instance, with Xinova’s help, inventor and entrepreneur Dan Belliveau is converting coffee cherry waste (40 billion pounds of the stuff is dumped and left to rot in rivers and local ecologies annually) into a valuable super ingredient. His wild idea is now a product-on-shelf in nine countries, mitigating an environmental problem while offering numerous new revenue streams in low-income coffee producing economies.



“Xinova really helped Coffee Flour from start to finish,” said Belliveau, Founder of Coffee Flour. “Our partnership with Xinova has been critical and has evolved with us. It is becoming more valuable all the time as it provides critical access to talent, capital, and demand.”

Xinova’s globally distributed model of incentivized innovation allows for amazing people to do great things in pretty wild places. The resulting purpose-driven innovation can be, frankly, inspiring. As  Leslie told us back in November 2018:

I’m having adventures I never would have dreamed of as a young woman. At Ice911, we are working in the Arctic, in Barrow Alaska, to test out the reflective sand technology to preserve and restore ice.  As part of that, I learned to drive a snow mobile from an Inupiat Eskimo we work with on our testing. I have walked on the frozen Arctic ocean, have worked at times in seemingly endless twilight, have seen a polar bear and the aurora borealis, and have met the most incredible people close to home and all over the world. You never know what life will throw at you when you’re doing work like this, aimed at saving lives today, and saving the future for our kids. ” 



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