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Introducing SousZen

See how Xinova partners with PepsiCo and Innit to launch the new Seattle restaurant tech startup, SousZen, that aims to digitize ‘back of house’.

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Bypass the crowd with an unrivaled global innovator network curated to generate, vet, and rapid-prototype only the best ideas from the most brilliant minds. Unlike crowdsourced innovation platforms, our expert-managed process focuses on co-innovating with your team to deliver only the most commercially viable solutions with your business in mind.

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Our services span the innovation lifecycle, from ideation and rapid prototyping to strategy and commercialization. Our experts work with your experts to tap into a curated innovation network and co-create solutions that fit your business model, produce commercially viable ideas or find new markets for your existing technical assets.


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How can you generate brilliant ideas and launch commercially viable solutions?

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Research & Development to the power of Xinova.

These case studies show how our Innovator Network has helped customers design bold business ventures and unlock fresh solutions to their toughest challenges.

Coffee Cherry Co. 

Open innovation network propels end-to-end commercialization. 


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Mapping, designing and building the future of construction systems. 


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Amplifying R&D’s capacity to innovate through network talent.


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Accessing AI expertise to adopt emerging technology. 


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“Over 4 years, Xinova has defined more than 40 problems with PepsiCo and sourced over 1,200 new solutions, with 50 of the most promising being put into practice, leading to PepsiCo licensing the best of these for further development. Xinova is unrivaled in their ability to conceptualize non-obvious solutions because they have created a diversified network of innovators and problem solvers.​”

-Rene Lammers​ | Chief Science Officer​ at PepsiCo


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The State of Open Innovation and R&D eBook 

Open innovation can take your R&D to new heights and transform your business if it’s done right.

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The State of Open Innovation and R&D eBook

Tapping into Xinova’s global and diverse open innovation network is different.

We partner with you to help your team where they need it most. From problem to product-on-the-shelf, we deliver unique solutions that fit your business strategy, are in scope and are commercially viable. Our experts work with your experts, partnering with you throughout the full innovation lifecycle.


Global innovators from 


countries generated



Here at Xinova, we are making open innovation work.  

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