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Introducing SousZen

See how Xinova partners with PepsiCo and Innit to launch the new Seattle restaurant tech startup, SousZen, that aims to digitize ‘back of house’.

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The Crucible – Solve for X

April 2019

Xinova helped me in becoming more courageous about calling myself an inventor, and gave me confidence that my ideas could go beyond theory.  I’m also inspired by seeing the impact that your inventors have in business and beyond.”

– Brenda McCaffrey, Xinova Innovator

With Earth Day’s passing and National Inventors Month coming, this is a great time to celebrate growth and innovation, especially when directed towards improving the world. Xinova’s roster of global partnerships is growing, and so is our garden of opportunities, several of which satisfy innovators’ oft-stated desires to impact society and the environment. For instance, we’re thrilled to announce that we are collaborating with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to fight malaria in Nigeria via development of better data tracking systems.
Founder and CEO, Edward Jung has long asserted that innovation is key to a better planet, and many in our network have devoted their talents to that end. Innovators like Ali Arjomand, who has patented inventions that have led to life-saving research and the advancements of genomics before joining Global Good. And we’re proud to help Leslie Field get the recognition she deserves in her inventive fight against polar ice melt. Their efforts have inspired other innovators, like Brenda McCaffrey, to channel their entrepreneurial spirit, technical talent and raw creativity towards making a difference. Stories like these are important with May’s National Inventors Month nearly upon us, and we welcome you to share yours with us.
Back to growth. The subject line was no exaggeration. There’s an April shower of opportunities for you to pick through, and some great updates and articles to peruse. Enjoy!

Xinova in the news!

April, month, inventorXinova, with BMGF support, joins Nigeria’s fight against malaria

On April, 25th, World Malaria Day, Xinova announced support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for seeking innovators to reduce the 54 million cases and 82,000 deaths annually from malaria in Nigeria. This initiative for life-saving data tracking systems received coverage from GeekWire and Xconomy. Let’s defeat malaria with data together!

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Fast Company, recognizes Leslie Field and Ice911April, month, inventor

A recent Fast Company article profiled Xinova innovator Leslie Field, PhD, and Ice911, the organization she founded to slow polar ice melt. It’s a great reminder of the impact innovators can make when empowered with the freedom and tools to pursue their passion.

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Xinova updates

Fira taps Xinova to design construction & living systems of the future

Announcing Fira Disruption Design Deal - Xinova, April, month, inventors

“Most leaders think of disruption as a force that happens to you in the market, not something you proactively design to redefine and drive change in the competitive environment of your category. We’re excited Fira is determined to design their own future, rather than have it designed for them, as our model will help them identify the potential for new solutions that are enabledby technological progress.”

– Glenn Edens, Partner, Xinova

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Xinova Referral Program

Referral Banner Image, April, month, inventorsThe Xinova Referral Program provides you with monetary rewards for helping grow the Xinova network. Find out how to get started, and help enhance the world’s best innovator collective. 

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Register for Q&A SessionOne System for Topping them All,  April, month, inventors

You’re invited to generate ideas for a new system that can place healthy toppings on snacks in specific patterns for high-volume production lines. Join the 30-minute live Q&A session to learn about the most recent updates to this opportunity. Can’t attend? Register for access to the recording. 

May 14, 2019 10:00 am Pacific (PST)

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Featured innovator

April, month, inventors


Ali Arjomand: The Magic Suitcase

“I think it’s kind of cool that me, this immigrant from Iran, came and helped set up the lab that would determine the age of the oldest known immigrant in North America.” 

– Ali Arjomand, PhD Xinova Innovator

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Innovation updates

Woven structures that generate lightBrenda McCaffrey, PhD | Xinova Innovator April, month, inventors

“Other innovators have inspired me to confront some of society’s and Planet Earth’s biggest problems—education and rising sea levels–using my tools and creativity as an inventor. As an islander and a global citizen, I wish to create something that weaves together technology with dance and indigenous cultural practices to illuminate the threat rising sea levels pose to our children.”

Brenda McCaffrey, Xinova Innovator 

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New opportunities


Defeating Malaria with Data

Better data systems can save lives

Xinova, with support from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, seeks breakthrough approaches to improve the timeliness, quality and visibility of data for the malaria supply chain in Northern Nigeria. You still have time to apply to this opportunity launched this April.

Submit applications by May 13, 2019!

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Get the Inside OutRemovable liners

Seeking more recyclable snack containers by way of separable paper/non-paper layers, this opportunity launched in April.

Closing soon!

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Healthy crackersFree the Water

Veggie crackers are a healthy snack alternative, but their dough is too wet and sticky for mass production. Help us figure out how to dry it out.

Closing July 10, 2019!

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Celebrate SciencePeriodic Table Celebration

Seeking submissions from all of our innovators as they reflect on how significant the Periodic Table has been in their lives.

Closing April 24, 2019!

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One System for Topping them AllDesigned crackers

Seeking new systems that will place wholesome toppings like seeds and nuts on snacks in specific patterns.

Closing June 4, 2019!   

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