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Introducing SousZen

See how Xinova partners with PepsiCo and Innit to launch the new Seattle restaurant tech startup, SousZen, that aims to digitize ‘back of house’.

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About Xinova

Our unique innovation market network helps companies drive growth with innovation by aligning global resources of talent, technology and capital with demand.


Innovation is the geopolitics of the next century. For the first time in a century, innovation supply and demand will be globally distributed in many places. Like what happened in the energy economy in the last century, the organizations that best understand and connect the global supply and demand for innovation will become the most powerful companies in the world.

– Jorma Ollila, Executive Chairman of Xinova
Former Executive Chairman of Royal Dutch Shell
Former CEO and Chairman of Nokia


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The Xinova Innovator Manifesto

On behalf of global innovators, we seek to establish a set of principles that unify, in mutual self-interest, all parties around the world impassioned by innovation’s ability to create a more perfect world. It is through these principles that we hope to maintain a healthy world for generations to come.

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Why Xinova

Innovation thrives on the unimpeded exchange of ideas, talent and capital. We have built a trusted global network with an incentive system that shares upside among all participants. Xinova has developed this structure in its global innovation market network with innovators, technologies, investors and startups in over 120 countries with world-class capabilities in finding, assessing, licensing, and developing international technologies. By aligning talent, technology, capital and demand through the first-of-its-kind innovation market network, which utilizes machine learning, distributed computing and modern technology platforms, Xinova connects global innovation supply to project demand for global customers such as PepsiCo, Funai, and an array of small companies and governments around the world.

Xinova accelerates innovation end-to-end. With unique digital tools and unprecedented business intelligence, we are automating the process of innovation, de-risking and unblocking it to drive growth at all points of the innovation lifecycle. We’ve created networks supporting each pillar of innovation, complete with tools and proprietary organizational structures essential to a distributed model. The end result aligns and connects:

  • Capital: funding resources such as Arcnet
  • Technology: established public and private IP and new inventions
  • Talent: inventors, designers, bankers, engineers, consultants, business developers, entrepreneurs including teams from leading institutions, such as CalTech, China Academy of Sciences, IITs in India
  • Demand: MNCs, SMEs, governments, startups, including companies such as Pepsi and Hyundai

Who we are

Led by Edward Jung, one of history’s top-12 inventors, Xinova has the most diverse and accomplished innovation team in the world. Our executive team of thought leaders, problem solvers, and innovators includes the inventor of the laptop computer and the architect of the mobile phone revolution, amongst many other historic accomplishments along the way to earning positions such as CEO, EVP, or Managing Director with multinationals like Shell, Nokia, Xerox, Microsoft, United Technologies, Dupont, Intel, and HP. Combined, they have raised and managed billions in invested capital. Xinova team members boast impeccable credentials in science, entrepreneurship, invention, and R&D. More than 20 Xinova employees hold doctorate degrees, providing expertise in nuclear physics, materials science, biomedical engineering, computer science, biophysical chemistry, theoretical physics, and AI. This team has led over 300 licensing deals, managed over $9 billion in licensing transactions, managed 8 of the top 30 inventors in the world defined over 400 distinct problems, and given companies like Pepsi access to thousands of solutions which we have selected and developed into prototypes and product ready propositions.

Over 4 years, Xinova has defined more than 40 problems with PepsiCo and sourced over 1,200 new solutions, with 50 of the most promising being reduced to practice, leading to PepsiCo licensing the best of these for further development. Xinova is unrivalled in their ability to conceptualise non-obvious solutions because they have created a diversified network of innovators and problem solvers.​

-Rene Lammers​
Chief Science Officer​ at PepsiCo.

Are you ready to take your innovation to the next level?

We’re working with Xinova as a strategic partner on a joint venture to build a new model for capital markets addressing some of the problems that are beyond the ability of a single sovereign or corporate balance sheet to tackle. Xinova’s deep expertise and technical capabilities has dramatically accelerated our ability to execute on this. Through Xinova we will be able to staff our development team with world-class talent and secure a CTO. Xinova served as the ultimate compliment to catalyze our execution path. We’re now in the process of developing this global platform with plans of a public launch in the near future. Our clients are eager and excited for the opportunity to supply capital and invest in previously unreachable opportunities. Xinova’s unique set of first-rate capabilities is what ultimately made us realize that a partnership not only made sense, but was a strategic imperative.

– Bryan Wisk, Chief Investment Officer

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