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Xinova provides a full suite of innovation-related services, capabilities, and global connectivity.

We've built our company on a strong and simple idea:


A tried-and-tested scientific
approach to innovation

A rigorous process for defining
and solving problems

A global network of innovators
who are vetted and ranked


An approach that generates
creative, imaginative leaps

A fresh approach to developing new
products, services and companies

A highly collaborative,
interdisciplinary way of working

In their own words:
Xinova worldwide

What's your biggest challenge?





What's your biggest challenge?

Our structured creativity approach brings a global innovation community together to seek successful solutions. To begin the process, we engage.


Xinova professionals engage with clients to fully understand their biggest challenges. They then collaborate on an approach for generating viable solutions via the Innovation Network.


Establishes the collaborative relationship in which Xinova begins to learn about client business, needs, and goals.


Joins the Xinova worldwide innovation network, gaining access to client challenges to begin solving, including collaborating with other members of the network.


Xinova helps the client define their goals and translate them into innovation opportunities. A Request For Invention (RFI) is then published to the Xinova Innovation Network.


Identifies the need for solution(s) to a business or technology challenge and shares it with Xinova.


Gains the opportunity to consult, write RFIs and reports, and participate in co-invention sessions.


From Co-invention Sessions with our Innovation Network to our portfolio of prototypes or licensable patents, Xinova generates and refines forward-thinking solutions.


Leverages Xinova expertise to evaluate inventions and decide on the solution that best aligns with their goals.


Submits solution ideas for evaluation for specific client challenge. Can also be engaged to evaluate inventions.


Xinova conducts industry, technology, and competitive analyses to develop commercialization strategies that are best suited for each innovation.


Implements selected solution and gains market value through commercialization.


Inventions selected for commercialization result in payment to inventors. For non-selected ideas, the inventor retains sole ownership.

Innovation made new

Xinova was established to build a global innovation network.

We innovate on behalf of our many customers in a variety of industries, ranging from leading multinational food-and-beverage and credit card companies to startups and regional Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

Xinova cultivates working relationships with innovators worldwide through its 10,000-strong global innovation network, representing more than 100 research institutes, universities, and companies.

Our name combines two different words for ‘new’, one from the East and one from the West. We’re a global company with clients worldwide that has developed a new, unique approach to innovation. Xinova is innovation made new.

Invent your future with Xinova

When our inventors succeed, we succeed. Xinova has always taken an active role in providing our innovator network with the resources, feedback and support to do their best and be generously rewarded for their efforts. If you’re looking for a dedicated partner to help you create, evaluate, patent and commercialize your inventions, join our network today.

Global Community

  • Collaborate with an international community of inventors.
  • Have your inventions evaluated and potentially licensed.
  • Explore new realms for invention with industry defined problems to be solved.

Financial Reward

  • Receive upfront payments and patenting for selected inventions.
  • Share in profits and royalties from licensing and commercialization.
  • Gain opportunities for technical development funding


Focus on Inventing

  • Ability to concentrate on research, development and the invention process.
  • Receive help securing patents and commercially promoting your inventions.
  • Gain international exposure through our established networks

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Our open innovation network model creates powerful synergies between inventor and client with a uniquely iterative, feedback-driven process that makes results more efficient and effective by identifying technical and commercial feasibility along the way. We partner with companies on development, refinement and commercialization to provide winning, patentable solutions that are valuable, scalable and practical to implement.

Our Worldwide Locations


Xinova, LLC
701 Fifth Avenue, Suite 4100
Seattle, WA 98104


Xinova Japan GK
Tamachi East Wing 5F
3-5- 39 Shibaura, Minato-ku
Tokyo 108-0023 Japan


Xinova Innovation (Beijing) Consultancy Co. Ltd.
Unit 22F-2201B, Tower 3
China Central Place
No. 77 Jianguo Road
Chaoyang District
Beijing 100025 China


Xinova Asia Pte Ltd.
150 Beach Road
#08-06/08 Gateway W.
189720 Singapore


Xinova Korea Yuhan Hoesa
4th Floor, 262
Itaewon-ro, Yongsan-gu
Seoul 04400 Korea


Xinova Australasia Pty Ltd.
Suite 1, Level 18
227 Elizabeth Street
Sydney NSW 2000


Xinova India Consulting Private Ltd.
No. 701, Raheja Paramount
No. 138 Residency Road
Bangalore 560025 India

Affiliate office in Israel